ITM 2016


Textechno at the ITM 2016 Istanbul

At the ITM 2016 in Istanbul, Turkey, TEXTECHNO Herbert Stein GmbH & Co. KG will present a number of brand-new testing instruments for fibres, yarns, and fabrics.
To Textechno's 'Cotton Control Line' several innovative instruments have been added including the MDTA 4 microdust-, neps-, trash-, and fibre-length tester as well as the automatic capacitiveevenness- and count tester for slivers and rovings COVASLIVE.

STATIMAT DS combines testing of tensile properties, unevenness, and count of yarn and thread in one tester. The three tests on each package presented by the package changer are performed in rapid succession.

With regard to testing technology and technical realization the STATIMAT DS offers numerous technical and technological novelties, united with a new design philosophy.

You' ll find Textechno at the booth of their Turkish agent Inta Makina: Hall 3, booth 314

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