REV Technologies for electric vehicles debuts at Tire Technology Expo

Kordsa, a global player in the tire, construction reinforcement, composite technologies and compounding, took part in one of the world's premier tire technology fairs, Tire Technology Expo 2024, held in Hannover, Germany. At the fair, Kordsa unveiled its new brand, REV Technologies, aimed at the electric vehicle market, solidifying its commitment to shaping the future of sustainable mobility.

With the vision of ‘Reinforcing Life’ for over half a century, Kordsa, a subsidiary of Sabanci Holding, joined Tire Technology Expo 2024, a leading tire production technology fair in Europe. During the fair, Kordsa launched REV Technologies, a significant stride in the journey towards sustainable mobility, designed to meet the requirements and demands of electric vehicles.

(c) 2024 Kordsa
(c) 2024 Kordsa

The launch of REV Technologies, held on the first day of the fair, introduced a brand poised to open new avenues for collaboration and innovation in the electric vehicle segment. The launch event, conducted by Kordsa's expert team at Tire Technology Expo, garnered significant interest from attendees.

In the conference session entitled, "Developments and Innovations in Materials and Chemical Technologies" as part of the fair, Kordsa Chief Global Sales and Marketing Officer Dogan Sevim and Kordsa Chief Technology Officer Hüseyin Ates, served as speakers, providing insights into advanced material solutions for electric vehicle tires.

Kordsa Chief Global Sales and Marketing Officer Dogan Sevim remarked: “With the increasing market share of Electric Vehicles (EVs), we have diversified our portfolio in alignment with our sustainable mobility goal. With our new EV brand, REV Technologies, we further bolster our commitment to shaping the future of sustainable mobility."

Noting that REV Technologies emerged in response to customer demands in the electric vehicle market, Hüseyin Ates, Kordsa Chief Technology Officer, stated: "The brand encapsulates our dedication to innovation by focusing on three critical value propositions: Low Rolling Resistance, Enhanced Durability, and Sustainability. With REV Technologies, we not only enhance the performance of electric vehicles but also directly address tire needs, contributing to vehicle efficiency and reducing carbon footprint."

On the final day of the Expo, Sustainability Director of Kordsa, Nevra Aydogan and Platform Leader responsible for Chemicals, Laboratories and Compounding, Gökçe Ugur, delivered a presentation entitled, "Sustainable Tire Reinforcement Materials for Empowering the Future" in the session on "Circular Economy and Sustainability - Chemicals, Materials, and Recycling."

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