JEC World 2024: Composites at the heart of sports innovation

As the world turns its attention to France for the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games, JEC will be hosting, with Global Sports Week Paris, a day dedicated to sports and composites on March 7, 2024. This day will demonstrate how these revolutionary materials are redefining performance standards in 18 Olympic and Paralympic summer sports. From archery to sailing, composites are ubiquitous, offering lightness, resilience, and performance.

Composites and Sports: the era of optimized performance

The increasing use of composites in sports is redefining the standards of performance. These materials offer a unique combination of lightness, strength, and flexibility, enabling the manufacturing of cutting-edge sports equipment. From traditional Olympic and Paralympic sports like athletics and cycling to emerging disciplines like skateboarding, composites are omnipresent and greatly contribute to the evolution of athletic performances.

Approaching the 2024 Games, JEC World has chosen to highlight the undeniable impact of these innovative materials on the world of sports through a dedicated day on March 7, 2024. Developed with the Global Sports Week Paris, France’s leading international forum for the sports ecosystem, this Sports Summit will showcase concrete examples of innovations that increases the level of competition in each discipline.

A comprehensive program serving innovation

This special day focused on discovery and exchange will address numerous topics related to sports and composites such as:

The material at the heart of performance: lightness, resilience, stiffness, elasticity (…): the properties of composites can be a real added value.

The sports industry, a laboratory for composites innovation: new materials, new processes, sports provide a playground to test innovations that other sectors can only adopt after long industrial certification and implementation processes. How do major companies use the sports industry to test new processes, techniques…?

Sports for all with composites: equipment for Paralympic sports, physical protection of athletes (masks, helmets, cockpits…), and applications in the field of health.

Sports & ESG criteria (Environmental, Social, and Governance) – athletes, nature, and composites: athletes are pioneering the use of natural materials (bio-sourced and/or recyclable fibers and resins).

Foil & Composites: how composites have revolutionized competitive water sports and sports in general?

© 2024 JEC
© 2024 JEC

First speakers (other names will be announced soon):

Xavier Roussin-Bouchard, Innovation Director, Rossignol

Thomas Dupont, Composite R&D Manager, Look Group

Damian Cessario, Founder and CEO, V-Carbon

Christophe Lecompte, VP of Biomechanical Solutions – Research & Development, Össur

Luca Rizzotti, Founder, The Foiling Organization

To offer visitors a complete experience, the “Discover Composites” area, an immersive exhibition tracing the evolution of composites in sports, has been created at the entrance of Hall 6. This space will showcase a panorama of sports using composites as well as the major milestones associated with them. This exploration will reveal how composites shape the present and future of sports.

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