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CHIC Autumn Shanghai offers new forms and new experiences

(c) 2017 Chic
CHIC Autumn welcomes around 850 exhibitors - thereof around 400 from 20 foreign nations and regions - at the National Exhibition & Convention Center in Shanghai. CHIC offers the most important platform in the fashion business and enables international fashion brands to experience face-to-face discussions in order to explore the chances of exporting to China. The immense consumer market with over 1.3 billion people is worth to be discovered and to be dealt with.

Three directives are positioning and upgrading the forthcoming Autumn edition of CHIC: 

  • New Experiences – fresh new exhibition areas
  • New Approaches – extension of channels and buyers’ contacts
  • New Forms – redesign of the trade show

Whilst China is the world’s largest driver of luxury market growths there is growing space to be opened for premium and medium fashion brands from Europe. Besides the big tier 1 metropolises Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, there are many more cities with enormous capacities of shopping malls. Not to mention the unprecedented growth of China´s online retail market. 

NEW: The Sustainability Zone

As a result of increased environmental awareness and more stringent general requirements imposed by environmental legislation, China National Textil and Apparel Council together with China National Garment Association have created this new area entirely dedicated to sustainability, which will cover 576 m² in Hall 2. Examples are illustrating successful international companies of various product categories and their concepts of sustainable development. Besides fashion brands such as H&M, Zara, Puma also the food sector with Coca Cola and some other international big companies is represented. Oeko-Tex explains its ecological standards, pre-supplier Lenzing and also the car industry with Tesla will be showing up. From Germany fashion company C&A will give insights into its environmental efforts and the Hohenstein Institute is also going to present their work in this area.

Cashmere specialist FTC Cashmere, located in Germany and Switzerland, will also join this area and demonstrate their corporate concept of combining social responsibility and goat breeding. Their exemplary production is based on pure ecological terms. FTC has built a Cashmere goat breeding farm in Shanxi province, China. Under the direction of experienced FTC Cashmere veterinarians, the goats are bred according to an environmentally sustainable farming concept. Further farms are adopting this concept. In addition, FTC Cashmere has built a school to provide education and a perspective for the children of their local workers. 100 children aged 4 to 14 years get basic academic skills in reading, writing and arithmetic at the Swiss International FTC-Cashmere World Hope School.

Seminars are running in parallel informing on social responsibility and how to meet requirements of JD.com and Amazon.

Intelligent Bespoke

To reply to the high demands of consumers in their dressing behaviour, a small section will be presenting intelligent techniques for offering bespoke service to customers. HUAPIN Tailor or STOR Cezon add to their performance at CHIC Autumn also the practical procedure to design, to produce and to cut to size.

Clear Segments at CHIC 

CHIC Autumn will be presented at the ground floor of halls 2 and 3, covering 50,000 sqm in total:

Hall 2: FASHION JOURNEY with international participations, URBAN VIEW (menswear), NEW LOOK (womenswear), IMPULSES (young designers), SECRET STARS (fashion accessories), KID’S PARADISE (childrenswear), SHANGHAI BAG Fashion Fair

Hall 3: HERITAGE (leather/fur/downwear), CHIC YOUNG BLOOD (new generation street styles) and the ‚shows in the show’ PH VALUE (including body/beachwear) and THE UNIT (including supporting services in the whole process of design, production, sales).

New Stars at CHIC Autumn 

More and more upcoming companies that are successful in the Chinese market are joining CHIC Autumn; among them SUORYY, LUYU, TUDOO SHOWROOM, DY, ZICHEN, FLYALONE, ONE TO ONE or UST (recently opened over 35 stores; each one between 1,000 and 7,000 sqm) participating in NEW LOOK. IMPULSES newcomers are XIAOFU TAN, HUA MU SHEN, TUFFCAN, MAO MARI Homme. A new name at URBAN VIEW is KOOL, a very successful brand also in the export area. KID’S PARADISE is also celebrating new brands such as Eton Kidd (school uniforms), OBO, TOTO, HHL Technology, Minimi, Yunickid. 

International Fashion Journey

Around 20 nations will be participating. Among them will be a pavilion from PREVIEW IN CHINA from South Korea. Furthermore, strong and traditional joint participations will be created by France and Italy.

As at all previous editions in Autumn and Spring, Italy will present its brands in a pavilion including important brands for men, women and kids like HB Uomo, Giovanni Fabiani, DIS, LE Fate, Moschino, Fessura, Voile Blanche, Naturino, Thierry Rabotin, Fiore Sassetti, Sara Kent, Suprema, Edoardo Cincotti, Vittorio Spernanzoni, Ebarrito etc. It is a successful mixture of ready-to-wear, shoes, bags and accessories. The Italian participation at the most important trade show in China proves to be the meeting point they cannot miss to attract the important buyers with their latest collections. Mr. Alberto Scaccioni, managing director of EMI (Ente Moda Italia) states: “CHIC confirms itself as a consolidated platform for the export of ‘Made in Italy’ into the Chinese market where the trend registered a satisfactory increase in the first months of 2017. “

Seminars and Shows

Activities like trade match-makings, a Commercial Forum and Fashion Conference will be held to achieve precise commercial matching. A special topic will be sustainability standards. Trend seminars such as the one organized by WGSN inform on latest trends and tendencies of 2018 FW. The International Brands Joint Release Show will give an overview on selected brands.

Shanghai – a real experience in fashion shopping

230 shopping malls and department stores, retail sales amounting to 150 billion USD (2016) – a lot of glitz and glamour! Luxurious brands from all over the world have settled in Shanghai. But also upcoming brands have an impressive shopwindows here. To mention only some of the malls: Shanghai Global Harbour with over 480.000 sqm, Shanghai IAPM, Wanda Plaza, Grand Gateway 66 or department stores like Lane Crawford, Jiu Guang, Galerie Lafayette, Joyce, 10 Corso Como seduce even the most experienced fashionistas! In the evening there are numerous hot spots that serve as meeting points for the stylish in-crowd: Downstairs with David Laris, Lan Club, Drop, Mint, Yé Shanghai or Lune.

Mr. Chen Dapeng, head of CHIC and Vice President of CNGA points out a saying of Confucius:

Success depends upon previous preparation, and without such preparation there is sure to be failure.

Thus he underlines the importance of continuing the endeavours to conquer a new export market. It needs a strong strategy and the identification with prospective customers. CHIC Shanghai is the place which gives this orientation in the Chinese market.

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