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BCI drives measurable improvements in cotton production

In order to produce and sell Better Cotton, licensed BCI Farmers adhere to the Better Cotton Principles and Criteria (P&C), addressing topics from water use to pest management to decent work. Implementing the Better Cotton P&C enables farmers to produce cotton in a way that is measurably better for themselves, the environment and farming communities.

Farmer results from the 2016-17 season demonstrate the benefits of implementing more sustainable practices around the world. Here are some key highlights from China, India, Pakistan, Tajikistan and Turkey.


  • In Turkey, 83% of BCI Farmers had advanced knowledge of child labour issues.
  • BCI is addressing women’s inclusion, and in China, 37% of farmers who received BCI training on pesticide preparation and use were women.


  • BCI Farmers in Pakistan used 20% less water for irrigation than Comparison Farmers.
  • BCI Farmers in India used 17% less synthetic fertiliser than Comparison Farmers.
  • BCI Farmers in Tajikistan used 63% less pesticide than Comparison Farmers.


  • BCI Farmers in China had a 14% higher yield than Comparison Farmers.
  • BCI Farmers in Pakistan had a 37% higher profit than Comparison Farmers.

BCI Farmer Results 2016-17 (c) 2018 BCI
BCI Farmer Results 2016-17 (c) 2018 BCI

Access the BCI Farmer Results 2016-17 to see how BCI is driving measurable improvements in cotton production.


Comparison Farmers

The BCI Farmer Results presented here compare the country averages of key social, environmental and economic indicators achieved by licensed BCI Farmers to non-BCI farmers in the same geographic area who are not participating in the BCI programme. We refer to the latter farmers as Comparison Farmers.

Talking About Farmer Results Accurately

Farm results must not be manipulated in any way. Averaging farm results across different geographies undermines the credibility of the data. Should you wish to use results to support your storytelling, please contact the Communications Team who will help you craft your Better Cotton story in a way that maintains the integrity of the data.

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