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Lauffenmühle – Textile innovation from thread to cloth

As a very innovative textile producer in Germany, the fully integrated company presents its revolutionary sustainable fabrics and trims for the first time at PERFORMANCE DAYS.

A relatively new division of the company, including reworx® fabrics and infinito® garment accessories, now offers a wide range of products that meet the Cradle to Cradle standard on Gold level and thus are safe for biological recirculation.

As a result of consistent development work as well as continuing investment in new production technologies and active cooperation with renowned research institutes and leading universities, Lauffenmühle is now a premium name for textile innovation. With its established organization and completely settled infrastructure, the state-of-the-art all-process textile company finds itself fully committed to Germany as its location. The proximity to European customers, to relevant research institutes as well as suppliers plays a decisive role. As one of the leading European manufacturers of high-quality yarns and fabrics, Lauffenmühle produces exclusively in Germany at two locations: Lauchringen (headquarter with spinning and weaving facilities, administration) and Lörrach (finishing facility).

Dedicated environmental responsibility

The European market for workwear and protective clothing is fiercely contested. Lauffenmühle stands out because of its extremely consequent implementation of a strategically anchored philosophy of sustainability, which strongly influences the product policy. Learn about the company’s sustainability efforts:

On the production site

  • Environmental management system acccording to ISO 14001
  • Energy management system acccording to ISO 50001.
  • Heat recovery, waste reduction and -recycling
  • Use of hydropower for CO2-free electricity production
  • Extremely efficient waste water utilization

On the product side

  • All work wear-, corporate wear- and PPE-fabrics meet the bluesign® System
  • All products meet Standard 100 by Oekotex | Class 1 for baby articles
  • Fabrics & accessories certified according to Cradle to Cradle®, Gold Level

On the procedural side

  • Shift from C8-chemistry to C6-chemistry already in 2014
  • Use of sustainable raw materials like lyocell fibers (Tencel® by Lenzing)
  • CmiA (Cotton made in Africa) and Fairtrade cotton
  • Recycled polyester, order-related
  • Replacement of conventional polyester with the modified type infinito®, which is safe for biological regeneration - for all new Cradle to Cradle® certified reworx® - textiles and infinito® - accessories

Combining all advantages of sustainable production in Germany, Lauffenmühle presents a stunning Cradle to Cradle® stretch denim at PERFORMANCE DAYS, selected to be shown at PERFORMANCE FORUM by the Jury:

The reworx® Move 1039 stretch denim is safe for biological regeneration and certified Gold according to the Cradle to Cradle® standard: After its reintroduction into the biological cycle, the textile serves as nutrient for microorganisms and thus results in new life, cultivation of foodstuffs etc. The fibre mix of cotton, polyester and elastomer is an excellent solution for sustainable denim, as the polyester infinito® being used is modified in accordance with recyclability standards. Furthermore, Lauffenmühle offers a return scheme for C2C-certified products made from reworx® or Vinatur® and infinito®.

Lauffenmühle is considered to be one of the oldest textile companies in Germany, as fabrics have been produced on the banks of the river Wutach in Lauchringen since 1834. Today, the fully integrated textile company specializes in the sustainable production of fabrics for classic work wear, for the hospital and care sector, as well as for personal protective equipment (PPE); fabrics for CI-compatible corporate clothing also form part of the product range.

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