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FilSpec offers a series of workshops at PERFORMANCE DAYS

FilSpec, an innovative spinner headquartered in Sherbrooke, Québec, and with additional manufacturing facilities located in the United States and in Mexico, will be exhibiting at the upcoming Performance Days show and is offering a series of four workshops. The company has recently opened a sales office in Brussels, Belgium, which will spearhead its presence in Europe.

Functional fabrics draw their core properties from choice of yarn, and this is why FilSpec has taken the decision to exhibit at Performance Days. “80% of a fabric’s performance comes from the yarn,” says FilSpec President Eric Perlinger. He is now looking to “open the dialogue” with the designers, product managers and fabric buyers who attend the Munich functional fabric show.

FilSpec can tailor high performance yarns to the specific needs of its clients thanks to its wide array of spinning machines. “The advantage of engineering the properties into the yarn from the start is that once woven or knitted into a fabric, they will not wash away,” says Dominique Quintal, FilSpec Vice-President of Sales and Marketing. “Making various functions an integral part of the yarn is also a way to simplify fabric manufacturing as our yarns will require less blends and fewer chemical finishes,” he further points out. Both Eric Perlinger and Dominique Quintal came to work for FilSpec from other industries and are taking a new look at how the textile supply chain works.

The company develops highly specialized yarns and is flexible enough to supply small quantities. Its performance yarn portfolio includes many different options for active sportswear. RecoveryFilTM, for instance, is a blend of polyester, impregnated with zinc oxide, Tencel Lyocell and viscose yarns impregnated with mother-of-pearl that can be used to create super soft skin-friendly fabrics having antibacterial, anti-odor, wicking, UV protection, fresh effect and skin regenerating properties.

During the PERFORMANCE DAYS show, FilSpec will be hosting four workshops each dedicated to a specific topic. An opportunity to find out how to build a performance fabric from the yarn up.

November 28th

1 pm: Comfort: Skin microclimate optimization yarn solutions

4 pm: WarmFilTM: Self-heating yarn solutions

November 29th

11 am: Odor protection: Inherent properties yarn solutions

4 pm: Smart Yarns: Conductive and composite yarn technologies

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