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Jupiter Comtex to show innovation in indigo rope dyeing at ITMA 2015

India based producer and exporter of warping, sizing and indigo denim yarn and fabric dyeing technologies, Jupiter Comtex Pvt Ltd is introducing a new innovation in Indigo Rope Dyeing technology at ITMA 2015 in hall H 1 booth G 111 in a stall size of 140 sq. metres.
Since it is not possible to display the whole technology, the company is showing important components of the machine viz., the Lease Reed & Ball Warping Headstock; Indigo Dye Tank of Rope Dyeing and the Headstock of the Long Chain Beamer.

The Indigo Rope Dyeing technology is well proven among various yarn counts to obtain deep Indigo shades of around 6%, in which, ropes are prepared on ball warping after which cones are converted into ropes. Hence, there is no yarn waste or shade variation and also offers higher productivity due to continuous process.

The Jupiter Comtex Indigo Rope Dyeing machine is technologically different than others. It has a tension control system which is digital, while reliability is high as critical parts like drives, sensors, load cell, etc are imported from Europe and the PLC controlled pre-calibrated cup dosing system is very accurate and reliable than metering pump dosing system.

Jupiter offers the latest technology as its machines are continually upgraded with highly technological features which are user friendly, making the machines highly efficient. Additionally, machines are delivered on time and prompt after-sales service is provided, resulting in maximum number of repeat orders.

Jupiter holds a massive 90% share of the Indian denim fabric dyeing machinery installed in India and counts among its Indian clients the top denim fabric makers in India like Arvind Ltd, Aarvee Denim, Nandan Denim, RSWM Ltd, Raymond, Sangam (India), etc.

The company which also offers denim sheeting dyeing machines has till-date successfully installed 90 of these sheeting dyeing machines worldwide and expects to reach the magical figure of 100 by the first half of 2016.

Jupiter’s wide range of machineries find their way in to various global textile hubs like Brazil, Bangladesh, Egypt, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Iran, Kenya, Oman, Nigeria, Russia, Tanzania, Turkey, etc. By participating at ITMA 2015, the company wants to expand its footprint in each of those countries and also explore other countries.

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