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Trützschler at ITMA 2015

Energy sensor in control cabinet of card (c) 2015 Trützschler
ITMA in Europe remains the industry's leading trade fair. The importance given to it by Trützschler is in accordance with this fact. All four divisions will exhibit on a collective stand. Though a final decision on all the products to be exhibited has not yet been made, a central theme stands out: Processes and machines to improve economic efficiency at our customers are in the spotlight.
Trützschler SPINNING will exhibit an advanced card with increased productivity and energy efficiency. The draw frame product range has been further expanded. Here, the focus is on increased efficiency and reduced personnel requirements. Development in the field of combing has also not stood still. The Superlap requires less personnel and the Toyota-Trützschler Comber will show new application-oriented features.

Today, quality yarns are only possible with efficient foreign part separation in the blow room. With three detection technologies in one machine, Trützschler has already set a high standard. At the ITMA, further technologies will be added to the existing three. As a result, separation is even more effective.

The data acquisition system T-Data is increasingly becoming standard.

Pic: Mobile application of T-Data

Due to Trützschler-specific sensors on the machines, important quality data that cannot be acquired by any other system can be managed and evaluated here. This includes for instance neps in the card sliver or the energy consumption of the machines.

Trützschler NONWOVENS focuses on the variety of manufacturing processes, especially concerning web bonding, in addition to total system concepts. Individual components and models demonstrate innovation in spunlacing, needling as well as thermal and chemical bonding. The range of topics includes the modular AquaJet, an efficient dryer, the new, patented structuring process for the thermo bonder, quality increase in needling, and the high-speed foulard for ADL systems.

The significant speed advantages of the newly developed liquid foulard are based on special geometries and roll surfaces. The result is an increased economic efficiency in the production of light-weight, chemically bonded nonwovens.

Pic: High-Speed Foulard

A new product is a thermobonded nonwovens with 3D effect and large volume that can be produced in-line in the Omega oven with special equipment.

Pic:Thermobond structural shell
Voith Paper, the cooperation partner for wet laid, hydroentangled nonwovens, is also represented on the Trützschler stand. Together with the AquaJet, the dryer and winder from Trützschler Nonwovens, the Voith HydroFormer results in a powerful machine combination whose application goes far beyond the production of flushable wipes.

Trützschler MAN-MADE FIBERS informs about new machines as well as new processes and end products. On the occasion of the ITMA, the company introduces a new generation of staple fibre machines to the market. The advancements stand under the heading of modularity - all components are designed as stand-alone units.

Pic: Fiber tow cutting blade

The new modular components demonstrate their advantages not only in complete Trützschler installations; they are also ideal plug-and-play units when modernising existing installations. Ever since the product range of the Egelsbach equipment manufacturer includes staple fibre spinning, the focus - in addition to machine manufacturing - is increasingly also on product development. Trützschler Man-Made Fibers’ „Hollow Conjugate Fibres“ are a new type of self-crimping fibres, distinguished by an extremely environmentally friendly spinning process.

The filament sector highlights the diversity of its product range for the economic production of high-quality carpet yarns. The focus is on the new 3-end spinning system M30 with reliable components such as the polymer-independent spin beam and the HPTex texturing system. The portfolio thus covers 2-end, 3-end and 4-end concepts for various polymers, including recycled material. Now it is possible to respond to all process requirements as well as spatial or economic conditions even more effectively.

Trützschler CARD CLOTHING has expanded its flat tops selection by two new products which have been developed for special applications:

The flat top Novotop 58 is optimally suited for application in the area of fine combed yarns at high production speeds. The flat top Novotop 30 was developed for the processing of coarse and/or dyed fibres and regenerated fibres for rotor spinning. Both flat top types are available as MAGNOTOP and Classictop.

Pic: Novotop 58

These innovations allow Trützschler Card Clothing to ensure excellent yarn quality at all times, even for special applications.

Pic: Thermobonded web with 3D effect
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