iNTERSPARE GmbH - Krantz
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21465 Reinbek
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Company Profile
iNTERSPARE GmbH was founded in 1994 in Hamburg by Mr. Carsten Kalek and Mr. Dirk Polchow. The gentlemen lead the company as managing partners. In the first years iNTERSPARE very successfully has provided spare parts for textile machines, especially for textile finishing machines. Since taking over the machine program with all rights, patents, licenses and technical documentation as well as senior employees and know-how from Moenus Textilmaschinen GmbH in 2007 and the building of the new production hall in 2011 iNTERSPARE is a well reputed textile machine manufacturer and the legitimate successor of the brands of Artos respectively Babcock Textilmaschinen (BTM), Krantz, Stentex, BTM, Famatex, Franz Müller, Haas, Hacoba and Textima.

Today iNTERSPARE offers excellent solutions regarding new machinery for the Artos and Krantz product ranges. With an experienced and well motivated team iNTERSPARE provides first class service. The company owns a modern production facility and the production area is currently adjusted by app. 5.000 sqm in order to fulfil the increasing demand. In addition iNTERSPARE has a strong focus on R&D and can offer innovative extensions, modernisation, conversion, modifications and upgradings of existing installations. Moreover, iNTERSPARE is still the leading provider of original spare parts for the machinery of the brands of Artos, Krantz, Stentex, BTM, Famatex, Franz Müller, Haas, Hacoba and Textima.
Supply Program
Dry and wet pre-treatment machinery
Carbonising machines
Desizing machines
Bleaching apparatus and machines, batch
Bleaching plant, continuous
Open-width washing machines
Other dry and wet pre-treatment machinery

Dyeing machines and apparatus
Continuous dyeing machines for other fabrics

Tentering and drying machines
Tentering and stentering machines
Tensionless and conveyor dryers
Infrared dryers

Finishing machines
Raising machines
Tigering machines
Polishing machines
Shearing machines
Cutting machines for velvets and velveteens
Suede finishing machines
Shrinking machines
Padding and impregnating machines
Other finishing machines

Accessories for washing, bleaching, dyeing, printing, drying, finishing, cutting, rolling and folding machinery
Pins, stenter clips and pin plates
Company Products
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